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The pricing below is average pricing for a standard in-ground pool.
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* Special Treatments We Don’t Include: Phosphate, Metal, Scale, Enzyme, Or Stain Removers
** Does Not Include Vacuuming Pool (Automatic Cleaner Recommended)


Let us handle the dirty work.

Why waste time your valuable time and energy and trips to Leslie’s when you can have it professionally cleaned for a reasonable rate.
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One Time Cleanings

Pool Algae Removal, aka “Green Pool” Cleaning
The process for cleaning a pool that is overgrown with algae, also known as a green pool, depends on the severity of the algae problem. Some pools just starting to turn green may be able to be treated with chemicals and constant water circulation. However, most green pools are best cleaned by draining the pool, cleaning out the debris, scrubbing the walls with a chlorine wash, refilling the pool and balancing the chemicals.

What is a Cholorine Wash? >>