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Why use Best Pro Pool to clean your pool?

If you live in Atwater, Turlock, or Merced we are the local pool service company for you. At Best Pro Pool we are committed to the highest quality of service and reliability. To back our commitment, we are Licensed, Bonded, and Insured as well as operate a GPS-tracked fleet of trucks.”

The pricing below is average pricing for a standard in-ground pool.
Call today to schedule a Free Price Quote based on your particular pool, equipment, and situation.

* Special Treatments We Don’t Include: Phosphate, Metal, Scale, Enzyme, Or Stain Removers
** Does Not Include Vacuuming Pool (Automatic Cleaner Recommended)


Let us handle the dirty work.

Why waste time your valuable time and energy and trips to Leslie’s when you can have it professionally cleaned for a reasonable rate.

Enjoy your pool, don’t dread it!

We offer complete peace of mind regarding your pool, providing you a better swim experience. Enjoy your backyard!

Our entire team is committed to ongoing training. All service techs are either CPO Certified or are in a weekly training course to become certified.

Quality and regular pool care not only keeps your pool looking great, it also reduces the cost to own. Clogged filters, imbalanced ph, improper chemical mixtures, etc., lead to expensive repairs or increased frequency of potentially costly deep cleanings.

Proper treatment from experienced techs makes sure your family’s pool will be as clean and healthy as possible, using the minimum amount of chemicals possible (over-treated pools is something we see all the time and can be very dangerous). Clean surfaces are also safer for you and especially kids.

One Time Cleanings

Pool Algae Removal, aka “Green Pool” Cleaning…

The process for cleaning a pool that is overgrown with algae, also known as a green pool, depends on the severity of the algae problem. Some pools just starting to turn green may be able to be treated with chemicals and constant water circulation. However, most green pools are best cleaned by draining the pool, cleaning out the debris, scrubbing the walls with a chlorine wash, refilling the pool and balancing the chemicals.

What is a Cholorine Wash? >>